In this necklace set you will get the Naughty Pyro Demonling charm, accompanied by a head bead and skull bead on a beautiful sterling silver solid snake necklace. The solid snake necklace sits just below the nape of your neck and measures 16 inch, this is the perfect way to wear and display your favourite charms so they are on full view. The Pyro character charm is made from sterling silver and then white rhodium plated to give him a nice bright shine. He is beautifully detailed with hand painted enamel touches to his eyes, stitches. and tail

Pyro likes nothing more than to torment and will do all the usual stunts to frighten the humans, like moving things around, banging on doors and walls and making loud footsteps in the loft (even if there are no floorboards). So if you have strange happenings in your house it could well be Pyro playing his usual games.